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snsd + the asl ice bucket challenge (to be updated)

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Eye contact with Tiffany ♡

Eye contact with Tiffany ♡

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It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

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Taeyeon’s chinese nickname

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Yoona - Sure magazine

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It’s been another year with our talented, gorgeous, & special 9 angels. Thank you for always being there for S♡NEs and let’s hope the best for the years to come. Happy 7th anniversary! Right now it’s Girls’ Generation, In the future it’s Girls’ Generation, Forever Girls’ Generation! (insp.)

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"I feel the importance of SNSD even stronger than before." - Tiffany

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To SONEs, our precious beings,

Do you remember? Our first stage, first meeting between SONE’s and SNSD. We were all teenage girls at that time, but now we’re all middle of 20’s, or even late 20’s. And you guys have spent the same time with us. Being able to stay with people who shared past memories together are things that we should appreciate. The moment I cannot and will not forget even after a lot of time has gone by comes across my mind. After long wait, we finally had a chance to perform. However, we were concerned if there are fans who cheered for us. Being anxious and fluttered, we stepped up to the first stage. And we saw SONEs who cheered for us passionately. As if we are your family, you guys cheered for us, encouraged us. It was like you guys telling us that “We’ll watch your back, so don’t worry and sing.” At that moment, we got confidence that we can sing again because there are people who cheer for us. We’ve sung restlessly since then, and 7 years have gone by. The reason why we can still stand here at this very moment is you. We’ve been through a lot of things together. The anxiousness of rookies, memories of recording a stage at early dawn together, the moment we communicated at the stage and felt proud of each other’s existence, and memories of hurting each other sometimes. We’ve grown up together just like that. We wanted to give SONE’s only happiness but sometimes we disappointed you. We wanted to be perfect, but we made mistakes sometimes. We’ve learned a lot for 7 years, but we’re still learning. We feel there are still too many things to learn. We are so thankful to you that you always stood up for us, cheered for us even though we’re not good enough sometimes. We’ll never forget that we shared the most precious moments of our lives with you. Thank you again for making those moments, and staying with us right now. I believe you’d know what we feel about you. We love you so much. Let’s stay together for a long time. 

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Happy 7th Anniversary Queens
#9irlsGenera7ion #소녀시대7주년축하해 #7yearswithSNSD

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